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Q:        What does my donation do for the wild horses?

A:         WHANN and its partners use donations to fund rescue operations and provide sanctuary for injured and disabled wild horses in the Virginia Range. As volunteer organizations, nearly all the funds received go directly toward services.


Q:        Where is the Virginia Range?

A:         The Virginia Range includes 283,769 acres and is located southeast of Reno, north of Carson City, west of Fallon, north of Stagecoach, and southwest of Fernley. It includes all of Storey County and portions of Washoe and Lyon counties and Carson City.  It is bordered by Interstate 80 to the north, Highway 50 to the south, Highway 50A to the east, and Interstate 580 and (old) Highway 395 to the west.


Q:        How do I report an injured or at-risk Virginia Range wild horse?

A:         Please call 775-352-3944 or fill out the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Contact Form at


Q:        How does the new Historic Virginia Range license plate help the wild horses?

A:         The proceeds received from the plates directly benefit the Virginia Range wild horses in a variety of ways including fencing, fertility control, hay for the rescued horses and diversionary feed for the wild ones (when needed and approved), rangeland rehabilitation, responses to horse emergencies, orphan foal rescue, public education campaigns, emergency training for volunteers, etc. The budget will be reviewed and adjusted annually to meet prioritized needs which will be determined by the committee.


Q:        How can I adopt a wild horse?

A:         There are several Northern Nevada adoption resources – click on these links:






If you prefer a trained mustang, go to

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